2024 Daily Devotions... A new year of daily devotions to listen to… Check back as more readings are posted… Feb 23rd devotion Mailbag Session Feb 22nd devotion Matthew 7 Feb 21st devotion Matthew 6 Feb 20th devotion Matthew 5 Feb 19th devotion Matthew 1-2 Feb 16th devotion Malachi 3 Feb 15th devotion Zechariah 1 Feb 14th devotion Micah 6 Feb 13th devotion Habakkuk 3 Feb 12th devotion Haggai 1 Feb 9th devotion Joel 2 Feb 8th devotion Jonah 4 Feb 7th devotion Daniel 7 Feb 6th devotion Daniel 6 Feb 5th devotion Daniel 3 Feb 2nd devotion Ezekiel 18 Feb 1st devotion Jeremiah 29 Jan 31st devotion Isaiah 55 Jan 30th devotion Isaiah 53 Jan 29th devotion Isaiah 6 Jan 26th devotion Job 42 Jan 25th devotion Job 38 Jan 24th devotion Proverbs 31 Jan 23rd devotion Proverbs 10 Jan 22nd devotion A Prayer For Strength Jan 19th devotion Proverbs 3 Jan 18th devotion Ecclesiastes 3 Jan 17th devotion Psalm 147 Jan 16th devotion Psalm 139 Jan 15th devotion Psalm 127 Jan 12th devotion Psalm 103 Jan 11th devotion Psalm 77 Jan 8th devotion Psalm 100 Jan 5th devotion Psalm 51 Jan 4th devotion Psalm 46 Jan 3rd devotion Psalm 23 Jan 2nd devotion Psalm 19 New Years Day devotion Psalm 1 Previous daily devotions can still be found on the 2023 Devotion page.
Audible Daily Devotions
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