Living Word Lutheran Sunday School Classes... Sunday School is currently off for the summer... Children’s Ministry Reminders.... Nursery:   We have a Nursery area in the East Classroom at the rear of the fellowship hall. You may take Pre-K children to the Nursery after the Children’s Message (or at other times during worship as needed). Children’s Worship Bags:  These contain Bible story coloring pages and Bible story books. They are available for the older children to take back to their pew after the Children’s Message. Bible Story Book / Video lending library: We have over 100 books in the nursery that you can sign out to read with your children at home. We also have videos to sign out: Adventure in Odyssey (in the old VHS format)! New Video additions in DVD format: + Veggie Tales: All the Shows - Volume I (1993-1999) + Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures:   I Dig Dinosaurs + Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures:   Extreme Caving + Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures:   Swamp Man! + The Wild Brothers: Welcome to Our World + The Wild Brothers: Jewels of the Jungle + The Wild Brothers: Paradise Lost We are looking for adult Nursery Helpers - “Grandparent-age” is great, so parents can have a break. Talk to Mona Hjelle if you can help in the Nursery once a month.
Sunday School at Living Word Lutheran Church
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