Living Word Lutheran Sunday School Classes... Sunday School for Pre-K through Grade 7 Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Sunday School...    Parents, please fill out the “Ride Survey” in your mailbox. You can give it to Wendy, Mona or Pastor David. Thanks! Substitute teachers still needed. We still could benefit from having another substitute teacher or two. Please talk to Education Director Wendy Robbin. Our Teachers:  Pre-K: Sarah Olson & Meggie Ashburn Gr 1-3 Lara Dahl Gr 4-6 Mona Hjelle Gr 7-12 Carmen & Mike Macik Confirmation Pastor David Ed Director Wendy Robbin (Please thank them for serving us and our kids!) Lesson Review ‘Take-Home’ Sheet: Every week you will find a Sunday School lesson summary sheet in your Sunday bulletin that include activities to do at home, in the car, at mealtime and before bed that help students (and parents) apply what they learned to their daily lives. Upcoming Lessons: Sept 29- Abram - A Call To Action-  Genesis 12:1-9 Oct. 6 - Jacob -A Promising Dream- Genesis 28:10-22 Oct. 13-Joseph -Hope In Hardship - Genesis 37; 45:1-10; 50:20 Oct. 20-Moses- Fiery Directions - Exodus 2:23-3:22 Oct. 27- Exodus- Egypt Exit - Exodus 14 Nov. 3- Ten Commandments- A Loving Law- Exodus 20:1-21 Memorizing the 10 Commandments We’ll begin where we left off last spring, with the 3rd Commandment
Sunday School at Living Word Lutheran Church
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