Opportunities to Serve: Provide Soup or Sandwich for Lenten Suppers: The LWML is again sponsoring Soup & Sandwich Suppers prior to our Wednesday Lenten Services.  Please sign up on the sheet at church for the week you’d like to provide soup or sandwiches Help Chaperone a Lock-In for Confirmation Students: The kids are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to have a lock-in here at church. If you could help by hanging out with them, please talk to Pastor David. (You’ll be a hero - maybe even a SUPER hero!) Organize a Fun Event for Our 3-5th Grade Group. We’d like to have a fun outing (something within and hour’s drive) for our 3-5th Grade Youth Group during March. (We have Lenten Devotions on our normal Wednesday time in March, so a weekend day would be a good option). Please talk to Pastor if you could help. THANKS ! Custodians Needed If you or your family could serve as church custodians either of these months, please talk to Jamie Iverson. Thanks! Help With Our Nursery We need a couple more volunteers to help with our during-worship nursery (2-6 year olds). Please talk to Mona Hjelle if you can help. One More Fellowship Server Needed: We are looking for someone to team up with another family to take a turn at serving snacks for after-worship fellowship time once every 2 months. One More Usher Needed: To team up with another usher once every couple months. Talk to Pastor if you can help. Thanks! A Great Month To Use Our Make-A-Meal Program One of the best (and simplest) ways to share Jesus’ love is by making a meal for someone who is going through a tough time. Please use the Prayer and Care cards in the attendance pad at worship or call Pastor David if you know of someone who would appreciate a meal.  Thanks ! Our  March Make-a-Meal volunteers are Bonnie Hansen & Violet Dauk We are also looking for a person to be the Make-a-Meal coordinator - someone who notifies the meal makers when a meal is needed and who also arranges for the meal to be delivered. If you could be that person, please talk to Pastor David. Thanks! Remember to use our “We Prayed for You” program... We’d like to send out a card or two each week to people we prayed for during worship.  How you can help:  Simply tell Pastor David when you feel that someone you asked us to pray for would be greatly encouraged by getting a card. Then just call, email or text him with that person’s address.  It truly is a simple way to brighten the spirits of someone who’s going though a tough time. We are currently in need of a volunteer to mail the cards. If you could help, talk to Pastor David. Donate to Living Word when you order from Amazon Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible smile.amazon.com purchases to Living Word. Use this link to have your purchases support Living Word:   https://smile.amazon.com/ch/41-1513306 Remember the Teal's Rebate Program. Teal’s Grocery gives a 1% rebate to eligible organizations.  There's a box under the mail boxes where you can put in your receipts. Thanks! Upcoming Schedules: Fellowship Servers Mar 3 Gwen Ruchti / Ruth Vegdahl Mar 10 Knutsons & Tammy Fuglie Mar 17 Leone & Kerry Quigley Mar 24 Wendy Robbin / Alicia Sawatzky / Mary Lee Moore Mar 31 Tammy Wachter / Sarah Miller Apr 7 Mona Hjelle / Elaine Abraham Apr 14 Violet Dauk / Laurel Iverson Apr 21 Linda Dilley / Bonnie Hansen Apr 28 Marcia Welsh / Pam Johnson Usher Schedule Mar 3 Linda Dilley & Davis Rustad Mar 10 Wally Abraham and Joe Johnson Mar 17 Mark Fuglie & Tim Geer Mar 24 Larry Levin Mar 31 Derek & Sarah Olson Apr 7 Kevin Welsh & Jamie Iverson Apr 14 Duane Hansen & Chuck Weflen Apr 18 Brent & Lance Sawatzky Apr 19 Jason & Noah Miller Apr 21 Wendy & Lonny Robbin Apr 28 Brady & Andrew Sharp Make A Meal Volunteers Mar Violet Dauk & Bonnie Hansen Apr Wachters & Nancy Jo Wendt Elders Mar 3 & 6 (Ash Wed) & 10 Joe & Jason Mar 17/24/31 Ed & Kevin Apr 7/14 Keith & Joe Apr 17 (M. Thurs) & 21& 28 Jason & Ed Custodian March Wendy & Lonny Robbin April Custodians needed Altar Guild Mar Mona Hjelle Apr TBD Acolyte   (little brothers & sisters) Mar 3 Jonah Sharp Mar 10 Rya Sharp Mar 17 Kala Miller Mar 24 Will Dahl Mar 31 Carter Foshaug Apr 7 Toby Arends-Schmidt Apr 14 Alex Meis Apr 18 Carson Sawatzky Apr 21 Addison Arends-Schmidt Apr 28 Autumn Foshaug Nursery (more volunteers needed…) Mar 3 Pam Johnson Mar 10 Violet Dauk Mar 17 Mona Hjelle Mar 24 Laurie Hanson Mar 31 Gwen Ruchti Apr 7 Pam Johnson Apr 14 Violet Dauk Apr 21 Mona Hjelle Apr 28 Laurie Hanson Scripture Readers Mar 3 McCartney Knutson Mar 10 Jason Miller Mar 17 Mark Fuglie Mar 24 Tammy Fuglie Mar 31 Leone Quigley Apr 7 Nykki Foshaug Apr 14 Ruth Vegdahl Apr 21 Mona Hjelle Apr 28 Sarah Olson Accompanying Musicians Mar 3 Sharon Willen Mar 6 (Ash Wed) Pam Johnson Mar 10 Scott Wachter Mar 17 Pam Johnson Mar 24 Scott Wachter Mar 31 Scott Wachter Apr 7 Sharon Willen Apr 14 Scott Wachter Apr 18 Pam Johnson Apr 19 Scott Wachter Apr 21 Sharon Willen Apr 28 Scott Wachter Confirmation Parent Helper Mar 6 Macik Mar 13 Miller Mar 20 Rustad Mar 27 Sarsland Apr 3 Sharp Apr 10 Dahl Apr 24 Macik
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