Opportunities to Serve: Help with our Mexican Dinner Our annual Mexican Dinner is on Saturday, October 21. Please talk to Outreach Coordinator Ruth Vegdahl if you’d like to help in any way. Bring a Salad for Wally & Elaine’s 65th Anniversary Talk to Violet Dauk or Laurie Hanson Needed:  Chaperones for a Fun Event for: 4-6th Graders   or  The Confirmation Group We’d like to have a fun outing (somewhere within an hour drive) for each of these groups during the fall. If you could help with either group this month, please talk to Pastor David or Lyndsay Ampe. Be “Custodian of the Month” You (or your whole family) can sign up to provide the necessary cleaning  A check-list of duties is posted by the mailboxes. Please consider being a part of this service. Talk to Trustee Jamie Iverson if you have questions or to volunteer yourself or your family. Custodian still needed for November & December Read Scripture in Worship Please talk to Pastor David if you can take a turn once every couple of months reading  our New Testament and Old Testament Scriptures. Serve After-Worship Fellowship Snack We are looking for more folks to take a turn at serving snacks for fellowship time after worship. Bring Food Shelf Items Every Second Sunday The women of our LWML collect  canned and dry goods the second Sunday of each month. We are looking for adult Nursery Helpers - “Grandparent-age” is great, so parents can have a break. Talk to Mona Hjelle if you can help in the Nursery once a month. Let’s Extend ...   “A Summer of Serving”  into :   “An Autumn of Serving” Remember the 3 Simple Steps.... 1. Identify ways that you’d be willing to help someone out. If you haven’t had a chance to do so, take a moment to fill out a “I Can Help” checklist - on the ‘Free Stuff’ table 2. Keep your eyes and ears open for someone we could help: Neighbors, friends, co-workers, relatives - anyone who needs something done and can’t do it on their own. 3. Contact “An Autumn of Serving” coordinator Wendy Robbin (320-354-9049) or Pastor David (320-220-1816) with  opportunities to serve. Upcoming Schedules: Fellowship Servers Oct 1 Mike & Brooke Knutson Oct 8 Marcia Welsh / Pam Johnson Oct 15 Becky Sarsland / Mary Raddatz Oct 22 Nancy Jo Wendt & Tammy Fuglie Oct 29 Wendy Robbin / Alicia Sawatzky / Mary Lee Moore Nov 5 Tammy Wachter / Sarah Miller Nov 12 Mona Hjelle / Elaine Abraham Nov 19 Violet Dauk / Laurel Iverson Nov 26 Linda Dilley / Bonnie Hansen Usher Schedule Oct 1 Violet Dauk & Nancy Jo Wendt Oct 8 Larry Levin Oct 15 Derek & Sarah Olson Oct 22 Kevin Welsh & Jamie Iverson Oct 29 Duane Hansen & Chuck Weflen Nov 5 Brent & Lance Sawatzky Nov 12 Jason & Noah Miller Nov 19 Bo & George Arends-Schmidt Thksgvg Wendy & Lonny Robbin Nov 26 Brady & Andrew Sharp Acolyte   (little brothers & sisters can help) Oct 1 Andrew Sharp Oct 8 Gage Dahl Oct 15 Levi Miller Oct 22 Eli Sharp Oct 29 Alison Sarsland Nov 5 Zoe Rustad Nov 12 Lexi Macik Nov 19 Alex Meis Nov 26 Carson Sawatzky Make A Meal Volunteers Oct Linda Dilley & Violet Dauk Nov Bonnie Hansen & Gwen Ruchti Elders Oct 1/8 Jason Miller & Kevin Welsh Oct 15/22/29 Keith Hanson & Ed Vegdahl Nov 5/12 Joe Johnson & Jason Miller Nov 19/23/26 Kevin Welsh & Keith Hanson Nursery Oct 1 Pam Johnson Oct 8 Violet Dauk Oct 15 Mona Hjelle Oct 22 Laurie Hanson Oct 29 Nov 5 Pam Johnson Nov 12 Violet Dauk Nov 19 Mona Hjelle Nov 26 Laurie Hanson Scripture Readers Oct 1 Laurel Iverson Oct 8 Kevin Welsh Oct 15 Sarah Olson Oct 22 Tammy Wachter Oct 29 Wendy Robbin Nov 5 Linda Dilley Nov 12 Jason Miller Nov 19 Mark Fuglie Nov 26 Tammy Fuglie Confirmation Parent Helper Oct 4 Miller Oct 11 Rustad Oct 18 No Class Oct 25 Sawatzky Nov 1 Sharp Nov 8 Arends-Schmidt Nov 15 Jaspersen Nov 22 Knutson Nov 29 Miller Custodian Oct Duane & Bonnie Hansen Nov Custodian Needed Altar Guild Oct Nancy Jo Wendt Nov Mona Hjelle Sunday School Helpers Oct 1 McCartney & Carson Oct 8 Noah & Davis Oct 15 Lance & Andrew Oct 22 George & Ryland Oct 29 McCartney & Carson Nov 5 Noah & Davis Nov 12 Lance & Andrew Nov 19 George & Ryland Nov 26 McCartney & Carson Accompanying Musicians Oct 1 Sharon Willen Oct 8 Scott Wachter Oct 15 Pam Johnson Oct 22 Scott Wachter Oct 29 TBD Nov 5 Sharon Willen Nov 12 Scott Wachter Nov 19 Pam Johnson Thksgvg TBD Nov 26 Scott Wachter
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