Opportunities to Serve: Chaperone a Fun Event for: 4-6th Graders   or  The Confirmation Group We’d like to have a fun outing (something within and hour’s drive) for our 4- 6th Grade Youth Group in June. Please talk to Pastor David or Lyndsay Ampe if you could help. THANKS! Custodians Needed for June & July If you or your family could serve as church custodians either of these months, please talk to Jamie Iverson. Thanks! Help With Our Nursery We need a couple more volunteers to help with our during-worship nursery (2-6 year olds). Please talk to Mona Hjelle if you can help out. Read Scripture in Worship Please talk to Pastor David if you can take a turn once every couple of months reading  our New Testament and Old Testament Scriptures. Serve After-Worship Fellowship Snack We are looking for more folks to take a turn at serving snacks for fellowship time after worship. We’re looking for more Ushers Please talk to Pastor David if you can serve once every other month. A Great Month To Use Our Make-A-Meal Program One of the best (and simplest) ways to share Jesus’ love is by making a meal for someone who is going through a tough time. Please use the Prayer and Care cards in the attendance pad at worship or call Pastor David or Meal Coordinator Linda Dilley if you know of someone who would appreciate a meal.  Thanks ! Our June Make-a-Meal volunteers are Nancy Jo Wendt & Wendy Robbin Help Plan Our PLAYGROUND RENOVATION. Join us on Thursday, June 7 at 6:30 ! Our playground is in need of renovation.  Parents and Grandparents interested in putting together some plans for renovating the playground, please come THURSDAY, JUNE 7 @ 6:30 and help us put together a plan to make it happen early this summer. If you’d like to help, but can’t make it on the 7th, please talk to Pastor David. Thanks! Tell us who could use a “We Prayed for You” card. Tell Pastor or  Nancy Jo Wendt when someone you asked us to pray for would be greatly encouraged by getting a card. Then just give us their address. Help Plan Our TUESDAY’S TABLE Event. Living Word will be hosing Tuesday’s Table onJuly 31st. We will have a Planning Meeting June 24, after Worship. Talk to Pastor David if you could be part of a group to plan this event.  We’d like to have at least five people. Community Outreach New London Water Days We have been granted funds from Thrivent to go towards buying Arch books (125 different Bible stories) to give out at the parade. The parade will be on July 21.  Please see me if you have  ideas for decorating the float! If you are a Thrivent member you can apply for funds for specific projects.  See me if you have questions or ideas.  Thanks!   Ruth Vegdahl Upcoming Schedules: Fellowship Servers June 3 Leone & Kerry Quigley June 10 Wendy Robbin / Alicia Sawatzky / Mary Lee Moore June 17 Tammy Wachter / Sarah Miller June 24 Mona Hjelle / Elaine Abraham July 1 Violet Dauk / Laurel Iverson July 8 Linda Dilley / Bonnie Hansen July 15 Mike & Brooke Knutson July 22 Marcia Welsh / Pam Johnson July 29 Gwen Ruchti / Ruth Vegdahl Usher Schedule June 3 Brent & Lance Sawatzky June 10 Jason & Levi Miller June 17 Bo & George Arends-Schmidt June 24 Wendy & Lonny Robbin July 1 Brady & Andrew Sharp July 8 Linda Dilley & Davis Rustad July 15 Wally Abraham and Joe Johnson July 22 Mark Fuglie & Tim Geer July 29 Larry Levin Make A Meal Volunteers June Nancy Jo Wendy & Wendy Robbin July Pam Johnson & Donna Peterson Elders June 3/10 Keith Hanson & Joe Johnson June 17/24 Jason Miller & Ed Vegdahl July 1/8 Kevin Welsh & Keith Hanson July 15/22/29 Joe Johnson & Jason Miller Custodian June Custodians needed July Custodians needed Altar Guild Jun Nancy Jo Wendt July Mona Hjelle Acolyte   (little brothers & sisters) June 3 Addison Arends-Schmidt June 10 Gage Dahl June 17 Levi Miller June 24 Eli Sharp July 1 Alison Sarsland July 8 Zoe Rustad July 15 Lexi Macik July 22 Alex Meis July 29 Carson Sawatzky Nursery (more volunteers needed…) June 3 Pam Johnson June 10 Violet Dauk June 17 Mona Hjelle June 24 Laurie Hanson July 1 Pam John July 8 Violet Dauk July 15 Mona Hjelle July 22 Laurie Hanson July 29 Gwen Ruchti Scripture Readers June 3 Leone Quigley June 10 Confirmands June 17 Nykki Foshaug June 24 Mona Hjelle July 1 Sarah Olson July 8 Kevin Welsh July 15 Laurel Iverson July 22               Tammy Wachter July 29 Ruth Vegdahl Accompanying Musicians June 3 Sharon Willen June 10 Scott Wachter June 17 Pam Johnson June 24 Scott Wachter July 1 Sharon Willen July 8 Scott Wachter July 15 Pam Johnson July 22 Scott Wachter July 29 Scott Wachter
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